Arch Manning could quickly cash on his name, image, likeness

The confluence of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision finding that the NCAA’s business model violates antitrust laws and the looming opening of the name, image, and likeness floodgates works to the benefit of plenty of players.

One player stands out: Quarterback Arch Manning.

He already has a valuable name. The son of Cooper Manning (pictured), the grandson of Archie, and the nephew of Peyton and Eli, Arch already is being recruited aggressively by multiple major universities. Apart from the fact that Monday’s ruling sets the stage for Arch Manning potentially being paid by the school with which he signs, Monday’s ruling sets Arch Manning up to soon begin to make money from his name, image, and likeness without jeopardizing his college eligibility.

That’s just one of the obvious ramifications of this new reality. After decades of players actively avoiding any and all payments associated from their fame (or successfully concealing the payments they received), the world has changed, literally overnight. Given the proven business acumen of the Manning family, count on Arch pushing the envelope as far as he can.

And good for him, and for anyone else who can do it. Make money while you can, as much as you can. However you can. At a time when Americans agree on very little, everyone agrees that capitalism is indeed the American way.