Cameron Kinley still preparing for the NFL in hopes Navy will allow him to delay service

Buccaneers rookie Cameron Kinley has been told he can’t play in the NFL until he serves his active duty commitment in the Navy, but he’s continuing to prepare for the possibility that that decision will be reversed.

“I’m kind of living a double life where I’m preparing to be an NFL player still just in case things get reversed and I’m also preparing for my career as an officer in the Navy,” Kinley said on Fox News. “I’m kind of living this double life, staying hopeful, staying strong in my faith that things can get turned around.”

Kinley acknowledged that he, like everyone who attends Army, Navy or Air Force, made a commitment to active military service, but he is hoping he will be allowed to work in recruiting people to the military while he’s in the NFL, and then go into active military service after playing in the NFL.

“I made the commitment when I signed my contract before my junior year and I’m still willing to honor that commitment,” Kinley added. “I just want to be able to delay my commission to play in the NFL first and be that ambassador for the Navy and help recruit. And after my time in the NFL, go serve as an officer in the Navy. I’m definitely looking forward to that career.”

Senator Marco Rubio has asked President Biden to allow Kinley to delay his service and play for the Buccaneers. Biden has not yet responded.